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A consultation example of the diabetes medication metformin is shown below:

A better way to learn about your medication. 

Pharmacists approved medication videos. 

Pharmacists approved personalized medication and OTC recommendation content based on health conditions, age, level of education and so forth with embedded questions to ensure understanding. 

Live, online pharmacist consultations.


  • Right medication information every time.

  • Enhance understanding.

  • Improve safety. 

  • Opportunity to learn about delivered medications. 

  • Get in and out of the pharmacy faster.

    • View consultation content in pharmacy waiting room on tablet or device instead of an in person consultation after you purchase medication. 

    • Play consultation content on your own device before arriving at pharmacy. 

  • Decrease drive-thru wait time.


  • Gain approx. 1.6 hours per day per pharmacy. 

  • Focus on quality, value-based services to optimize patients' regimens.

  • Increase profit by utilizing time saved to perform clinical services such as Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMRs) or Chronic Care Management (CCM). 

  • Standardize medication information for patients.

  • Reduce liability. 

  • Track which patients complete consultations.

  • Increase efficiency. 

  • Increase profit per patient visit with pharmacists approved personalized OTC 


  • Decrease drive-thru wait time.

  • Allows more time for restroom or meal breaks. 


  • Reduce per member per month (PMPM) costs due to healthier, adherent members. 

  • Decrease total healthcare costs. 

  • Provide a more effective medication consultation or counseling system for members.

  • Improve outcomes.