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We are a team of college of pharmacy professors, retail and hospital pharmacists as well as student pharmacists who create and review pharmacists approved consultation content over patients' medications. This provides patients with the need-to-know information always 100% of the time. 

Our hope at Meduco is to help patients understand their medications in a different approach and potentially enable patients to become more adherent to their medications. Currently, non-adherence is approximately a $300 Billion problem right now in the U.S. 

Pharmacists approved consultation content can revolutionize, standardize and automate the consultation process while still relying on pharmacists to use professional judgment for questions after patients have viewed and interacted with the approved content. 

This technology also allows patients to get in and out of the pharmacy faster because patients can view the pharmacists approved consultation content anytime, anywhere and the pharmacist will not have to repeat the information in the content. Although, states do vary depending on your board of pharmacy rules. 


It gives an average pharmacy back approximately 100 minutes or 1.6 hours per day in order to provide clinical services to patients where the pharmacy will make a profit (e.g. CMRs, immunizations, CCM, etc.). We allow pharmacists additional time to optimize patients' regimens to create better outcomes. The approved content also protects pharmacies from potential lawsuits because the important information is provided to the patient every time. 

Physicians and other health care providers can even play the approved content after prescribing patients a new medication to protect health care providers and to put the patient first by standardizing patient education. We are excited to offer our patent pending technology to patients, pharmacies, doctor offices, hospitals and whomever in hopes for a different and better patient-driven health care system. 

This video below explains the importance of consultation standardization for patients:

This video below explains the need for Meduco consultations to allow for pharmacists restroom breaks:


This video below explains the need for Meduco consultations to allow pharmacists to take meal breaks:


Dayton C. Trent
Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dayton Trent started Meduco after filing a provisional and utility patent related to a video-based consultation system and pharmacological dispensing system. Trent received his Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) in May 2019 from the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy. Trent is from Amarillo, Texas. He has worked for Walgreen Co. for over 6 years and served as one of two nationally chosen Walgreens Corporate Pharmacy Interns after his second-year of pharmacy school. He is very passionate about helping people and that is why he started Meduco while in pharmacy school. 

Darin T. Meinen
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Darin Meinen received his Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) in May 2019 from the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy. He has worked at Walmart Pharmacy for over 6 years and has an extensive background in community pharmacy. Darin was an Emerging Leader Intern for Walmart Pharmacy. Meinen desires to progress the profession of pharmacy forward and feels confident that Meduco is a step in the right direction for patients. Using Meduco, patients have an opportunity to connect to pharmacists approved content at all times of the day. This will help increase patient knowledge and understanding of their medications.